Guy Pearce is leading a new production set to film in January.
The New Mexico Film Office announced “Killing Faith,” which will film in and around Santa Fe.
“Killing Faith” takes place in the summer of 1859.
A widowed physician reluctantly agrees to take a recently freed slave and her mysterious Caucasian daughter on a five-day journey through the West to find a Faith Healer in a distant town. The woman believes her daughter is possessed. The doctor believes she carries The Sickness.
Either way, the fact remains that every living thing the girl touches mysteriously dies.
The film is directed by Ned Crowley and Pearce, Dewanda Wise and Tim Roth.
The New Mexico-based production company Triple Seven Pictures, a previously New York-based company which has relocated to New Mexico, is providing locations and production services for this project.
Zori Davidkova and Wes Hager will be the producers for Choice Films while on location in Santa Fe.
This is the fourth film announced by the film office recently. A24’s “Opus” is filming in northern New Mexico, Nickelodeon’s “The Really Loud House” and independent film, “Killer Kafe” are all currently filming.
According to the New Mexico Film Office, “Killing Faith,” will employ over 100 New Mexicans – approximately 45 as background talent, 60 resident crew members, and five principal actors.